Leftover Oil

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Tasty herby oil for salad dressings or cooking

Before I lived in an apartment complex I used to just throw away the herby leftover oil from the jar of olives or feta cheese. When it meant that I had to pay for a bin bag to leave on the street, (and it was a ground-floor apartment so i could see it from my window), it made me rethink everything… recycle the glass! But then I didn’t really know what to do with the oil – I couldn’t very well throw it down the drain? Is that going to clog it up?

So, actually from that lazy necessity, I realised that I could re-use the oil! Now I don’t throw it away, it keeps for a long time and it’s great for a quick salad dressing with a bit of lemon juice and grainy mustard or on top of a whole chicken to roast it in. I use quite a lot of oil for that, and it doesn’t bother me too much that it’s usually sunflower oil. And best of all it’s kind of free!


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