Where I shop for What : The grocery list

Groceries, Grocery Aisle, Supermarket, Recipies, Menu planning, Not having so much money has made me a bit more wiser about where I spend what to get the best value for money. Here is where I have found it is cheaper/better value to I buy things, (German Stores are going to be mentioned here):

TURKISH GROCERS (FRUIT AND VEG):  This week I bought a punnet of strawberries, a galia melon, a cucumber, 6 carrots, an avocado, 10 apples, 5 kiwis, 3 tomatoes, 2 spanish onions, and a packet of biscuits for €8.50. In the Edeka supermarket across the road, the melon alone would cost around €2.50! I still had some salad things left from last week in case anyone’s wondering ;)

ALDI: Reduced, organic meats (go at 8am), feta or mozzarella cheese, porridge oats (need pre-soaking the night before in hot water or milk), walnuts, sultanas, jam, pepper, chilli flakes, muesli, “sunnies” crisps, trail mix, green olives, 70% chocolate, biscuits, frozen pizza (the mozzarella and cherry tomato one), waffles, heat-up-in-the-oven breadrolls, spaetzle, boxed passatta and concentrated tomato paste, free-range or organic eggs.

PENNY MARKT: Baking supplies, tinned goods incl. coconut milk, vac-packed beetroot, rice, dried pulses, lazy antipasti, yoghurt

ASIAN GROCERS: Fresh Tofu (much cheaper than the vac-packed kind), it’s usually kept in a large bucket and is not self-service. Sushi supplies, soy sauce, spices, seaweed, oyster sauce etc.

AFRICAN GROCERS: Couscous 2kgs for €2.50? Jambo Africa!

ITALIAN GROCERS: Italian branded Pasta (same price as own-brand!), good olive oil (i have cheap olive oil for frying and good olive oil for salads), Parmesan Cheese (is always dear but lasts), Frozen Paella Mix, Wine (i can get a decent sicilian Davola Nero for €2.50!)

EDEKA Anything that I cannot get in the above-mentioned list, then i go to Edeka (grudgingly ;P). I also get my beer and own-brand mineral water there (because there isn’t a price difference and it’s heavy to carry). You might question the mineral water, but in our apartment the water always comes out luke-warm from the tap and i’m a bit suspicious about drinking it!

DM: Washing powder, fabric conditioner, own-brand vacuum bags, vitamins and toiletries.

Overall I also watch the kilo price (after a while you get to know if something is expensive). E.g. apples under €1.99 per kg is good. Usually the Pink Lady variety is more expensive, around €2.99 per kg.

If I have forgotten something, or you want to know something, then just ask :)


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