Making my own Laundry Liquid Experiment

Home Made Laundry Liquid, Home Made Laundry Detergent
The finished product! Well, I had a productive evening!

I’m definitely on a making stuff buzz. Inspired by other blogs and youtube videos from people making their own laundry detergent I thought I would give it a go!

I’m viewing this as experimental, because I have a delicate washing machine that I am *very* grateful to have and don’t want to upset it! I also don’t plan on moving 100% to home-made detergent because in a flat previously I had mega trouble with a mouldy washing machine and I read that a little hot wash with a plain biological detergent every now and again keeps it hygenically clean. But every little helps and I am open minded. Let the experiment begin!

Also reading on other blogs, borax is now not allowed to be sold over the counter to a private person in the EU. But apparently it isn’t necessary, it just adds brightness and acts as a deodouriser. I also don’t own a food processor, so I will be hand-grating my soap, but if you have one that will save you time.

The recipie I’m using is from an Austrian blog Biotiful (in german) which calls for:

An empty 1L Bottle (I used a pretty glass italian passatta bottle and a repurposed wine bottle because the first bottle  that is pictured left was too small.)

  • 15 gr Curd Soap: „Savon de Marseille“ or Aleppo Seife, (it’s all more or less the same)
  • 2 T Washing Soda Crystals
  • 1 L Water
  • a funnel
  • a baloon whisk
  • essential oil (optional)

I used “Klar’s Kernseife”, which cost €2.99 and grated it into a very fine powder very easily. Both bars took about 5mins a piece to grate. The second bar (which i didn’t really need, but I presumed I needed a cupful of grated soap which I was wrong about) is from DM and is its organic “Alnatura” range with a “lemon verbena” fragrance. It smells so good and I thought it would add a nice fragrance since I don’t have any essential oils. It had a more waxy texture but was cheaper at 79c. Honestly, it was hard to grate the soap and not sneeze because it was so powdery.

Making your own washing detergent
I probably shouldn’t have bought the second bar, but it smells really good.

Then I put the grated soap in a separate container, except the 15 gr (which is about half a spice-jar amount). To that I added 2 tablespoons of Washing Soda (Holste Brand) which cost 99c and a mugful of hot water from the kettle (340ml approx).

I dont have a baloon whisk so i stirred it with a spoon until it turned thick (just a minute or so). It turns into a gel but that’s ok. That has to rest for an hour. After taht it was quite hard, but i scraped it and moved it around and added another mugful of hot water, stirred for a few minutes until the blobs are dissolved.

I added a little more water to make it a bit runnier and cut the top off a plastic bottle to make a funnel (because I didn’t have one). Then I poured it into a glass bottle (recycled passata bottle). It will need a further 340ml of water tomorrow morning (so I will have to look for a bigger bottle as I think that one is only around 750ml). I will have to decant it into two bottles to add the last amount of water.

The correct dosage for a wash load is 200ml, and I got a little under a litre and a half of liquid out of the recipe, which is about 8 washes.

I will test it out at the weekend and then update the post ;) What I can say though, is that my sink and hands are squeaky clean, so I’m optimistic :)

Home Made Laundry Liquid no Borax, Homemade Laundry Detergent, Make your own laundry detergent, Saving Money
This is what it looks like after the 15g of soap and 2T of washing soda has been combined with the 1 mugful of hot water and stirred well for a few minutes. This is then left to cool for 1hr before adding another mugful of hot water.


So I’ve just finished the first colour 30 degree load. I’m gobsmacked! The weird white residue that has started to appear in my machine recently is now gone. My clothes don’t smell like the normal “washing powder smell” that fills the room, but only very faintly and they’re quite soft for the fact that I didn’t use any fabric conditioner in case it reacted with something. I only used a cautious amount of the liquid in case it was very bubbly and spilled out of the machine, but nope. Everything’s fine, the colours are fine (but I did use a dm own-brand “colour catcher” towel). More importantly, everything is clean :)

Another thing I wanted to mention is that when I was out shopping today, I saw that the other recommended brand “Sonnett” curd soap was only 79c a bar in the health food shop… grrr!!! LOL! Oh well, I don’t think I’m going to be needing to buy soap for quite some time.

When you do the maths, 15g of soap flakes = 8 washes
I have made a whopping 200g of soap flakes, which if I’m not mistaken will make under 70 washes. If I’d have found the Sonnett soap earlier, I could have made this for just €2.57! But I can’t really complain with a fiver either ;-) It didn’t take long, and I can see that I would save a lot of money (or have extra money to spend on something else which is always good too!) by taking the time to make it. It was kind of fun to do it too!

If anyone has any questions or comments on the homemade laundry detergent, please feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll try to answer as best I can :-)

Update 2

I am wearing the clothes that I washed in the homemade washing liquid and there is no irritation or anything. There was one very stinky tshirt that it didnt fix, but everything else is great.


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  1. I was thinking this might be a great item to trade with someone else… since it makes so much.

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