Homemade Makeup Remover using Baby Products

The DIY spell is continuing, and I ran out of makeup remover the other day… so… I found this video on youtube and was inspired. A few months ago I splashed out on Kiehl’s eyemakeup remover that didn’t affect my skin which was great, but did set me back €24 for a tiny bottle, and since I’m trying to save money at the moment I thought I would try this out and make a small amount to see if my skin can tolerate it or not. Since they’re products for babies, I think I stand a good chance :-)

I just bought two travel-sized bottles of baby wash and baby oil. That cost me the princely sum of €1.10.

The recipe will make about half a litre of makeup remover:

  • 1 and a half teaspoons of baby wash (the one I bought is a gel)
  • half a teaspoon of baby oil
  • 550ml water

Mix them slowly and carefully into the water, (you don’t want to make bubbles) and then funnel them into your bottle. I will update this post with my findings (I’m not wearing makeup today). Anyone else tried it?


Ok I tried the homemade makeup remover last night on a cotton pad, and it it’s a little drying but it works very well. It even took off black kohl eyeliner. The dryness is nothing a splash of water and a bit of moisturiser can’t fix.


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