Using a little bit less

Washing Machine Paper Memo, Recycling Paper, Getting Organised, Small Steps to Organization in your homeThere’s a few areas where I know I use a little bit less of something than other people or  that I reuse something again so as not to buy so much. I thought I would share this today and maybe ask if anyone has any other tips to use a bit less. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Recyclable Memo: This is such a tiny thing, but it’s so handy! I keep it stuck on the fridge, and when I load up the washing machine in the morning I just leave this memo on top of the machine to remind one of us to switch it on when we come in.

I keep my paper shopping bags to use to put the paper recycling into.

Buy plain giftwrap paper and use string or ribbon to determine, birthday or holiday!


I don’t fill the sink unless the dishes or pots are *really* dirty or greasy or there are a lot of them

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and shampooing your hair. It’s just a habit and it’s good for the environment. If your water is metered like me, this will save you money too.

Put in a cistern bag into your toilet cistern. This will save approx 5 litres of water per flush. Normally it takes around 12 litres to flush a toilet! I got two as a gift from a family member a few years ago from a company called Uisce Bagga in Ireland and half of the proceeds go to water projects in the developing world. Maybe it’s possible to make something too? With a quick google I learned that you can fill a half a gallon bottle and put it in, or a plain ole brick. I’m a bit paranoid and i don’t want to call in the plumber and I can tell you that the Uisce Bagga works fine for me.


Rice : I have the habit of wasting rice because I cook too much of it. I find that measuring out a small drinking glass amount is fine for me. Leftover rice can be frozen if you make a mistake!

Leftover Buffet: I first saw this term over on I love Laura’s idea of a leftover buffet.

Moisturiser: I stretch my moisturiser by getting samples. Luckily where I work they throw out magazines all the time. Some places will give them to you if you ask to try a product.

Household Products

Washing up liquid : I apply directly to the sponge, then scrub the item and give a quick rinse from the hot tap. I collect the rinse water in the sink and put plates in there. I also dilute my washing up liquid.

Hand Soap: I dilute my hand soap a little bit too.

Toilet Paper: Ahem, wads upon wads of toilet roll are not needed (unless you’re not well!) You can squash the roll slightly to remind you not to go crazy.

Countertop cloths :  I wash these to recycle them for a while. I have seen that some bloggers knit their own, which I would like to try.


Plastic fruit and veg bags make good bathroom binliners ( I think I may have said this before)

You can cut up and tie plastic bags together into a yarn and crochet them to make little holders or a bag, for example


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