Making Your Own Cards

Red Greetings Card, Homemade Greetings Card, Birthday Card IdeasWhen I lived in Berlin, I remember asking my boss where there was a nice card shop because I needed to send a birthday card home. He asked me, “Why don’t you just make a card? We have a printer and paper and craft knives etc here”, and I don’t remember what my answer was, but I know I insisted on paying a few euro for the card.

It’s so much more personal and fun to make the card, becuase you can find images etc. that are a private joke between you and the recipient.

For example, I made a card recently for my sister (who reads my blog! Hi sis!) with two stick-ladies, one with long eyelashes stretching to a sun in the corner (as she used to draw pretty girls when she was a child). There was no text, but she would be the only other person who understood the image.

That’s a good example to show you don’t have to be able to draw or paint. You can just write a nice saying or some lyrics that mean something to you on a piece of colourful card for the person, or clip out a funny advert from the paper – the main thing is that you thought of them and that it’s personal. When I really can’t think of any idea, you can’t go wrong with some colourful card, a fancy cut-out punch or a white or gold gel pen!


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