Frigaries : My nemesis

I’m not sure if a frigary is a word our family uses, but it means a kind of a flyaway, short-lived idea. I get A LOT of these and today I had a bad day with them, where I went to the health food store and splurged on aloe vera juice, yogi tea for quietening and almost sugarless biscuits. Well I guess it could be worse, health food is probably not as bad as drugs or something. But, I guess just drinking my water, taking my lunch outside the office and eating fruit raw would probably also have saved me €30.

Recently I have been curbing these frigaries better, because if you wait, they usually sort themselves out I have found. As an example to demonstrate, when I had the idea of writing about frigaries I couldn’t get the idea of a sewing machine out of my head. I first of all looked up how much it would be to get them on ebay classifieds second hand, then new on Amazon and then checked freecycle. Then I thought to myself “this is definitely a frigary – you should wait and see a week if you still want it to make sure.” In that week, my mum offered to lend me hers. So I have learned that if you wait to see if you really want it, sometimes it will work itself out. And you will have more money in your pocket. Umm… for aloe vera juice ;-)


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