sugaring, home madeFirstly, hello and welcome to warmthecocklesofyourheart, Got Your Holiday On??, alotonyourplate, living simplyfree and pillowsalamode who have just started following :)

I would have a go at home-made sugaring. The last facial waxing that I had done here in Hamburg was horrendously painful. So I don’t see any harm in giving it a go (on my legs at least). The recipie I got was from Mickgirl

  • 2c sugar
  • a quarter cup lemon juice
  • a quarter cup water

Boil then simmer for 40min. Leave the mixture cool down a lot and add a little powder to your skin. Working in small areas, apply the sugar-liquid with a lollypop stick or similar and then put a strip of cloth (e.g. a torn-up tshirt) onto it. Leave to harden for a moment and before it hardens too much, rip the cloth off in a “against-the-grain” motion. Unused sugar-liquid can be heated to use another time.

So, how did it turn out?

Well the first mistake that as I made was to make a smaller batch than the recipie calls for, i didn’t reduce the “cooking time” and I over cooked it to the point where it started to burn on thehob. This  meant that when it went on, it was extremely hot but wouldn’t stick. I think I need to heat it gently in a water bath and add a little more water to the mixture when it is “moulten” again. I think i got two test blobs that were a success and wasn’t nearly as painful as the aforementioned disaster.

Has anyone else tried home-made sugaring with more success?


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