Coming Soon… Milk Kefir!

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As a student I lived with a girl who kept Milk Kefir. If you don’t know what Kefir is, it is a mix of bacteria and fungus which kind of ferments in milk and resembles cooked cauliflower, (I’m not really selling it here). During the time that I drank it regularly I really think it helped my health. And I really want to get very well to go traveling :) Now  that I live in a country where there is relatively good access to it, I thought I would procure some grains again and start making it myself as it is very easy.

You literally just the grains in a clean jar, feed it with some milk (the amount you want to drink) or a milk/water mix and either leave it in the fridge overnight or on the table counter (providing it’s not so warm that the milk will go sour). The next day, you strain and reserve the liquid off (this is what you drink), give the grains a rinse (the cauliflower) with cold water and repeat. The liquid that was  If you are going on holidays or something where you won’t be home to feed it for a few weeks, you can put it in clean water in the fridge and it will be ok. For a longer time, you can freeze it. After a few months, you will notice the grains will have multiplied, so then you can give some to someone else.

Its taste is a bit sharper than yoghurt and its consistency is “goopier”. You can mix it with herbs into a salad dressing, or eat it with some fruit or muesli or just drink it on its own. I’m excited to have some real kefir again!


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