No (sham)Poo Routine

On my clicking travels through youtube, I recently came across the no ‘Poo (shampoo) hair routine.

This is basically where people wash their hair without shampoo because they don’t agree with the amount of chemicals etc that are in cosmetic shampoo. Instead they wash it with a solution of baking powder, a rinse of vinegar and some grapeseed oil as a conditioner. Three ingredients.

Although I don’t think I would do it myself, I find it interesting because people didn’t always have cosmetic shampoo but it wasn’t until i saw this girl with amazing, moisturised and curly hair that I thought, “Wow. Am I doing it all wrong?”

While I think her hair is amazing, it has taken me 2 years to get my hair back to a way that I feel happy with and I just don’t think I want to risk drying it out! I will stick to my plant-based shampoo. I think I know where my borders are!


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