Things You Can Freeze

Using your freezer effectively can really save you time mid-week. Here are some things that I cook in advance and freeze, or just freeze to help me out for quick dinners and lunches.

Cooked Potatoes

I was surprised to learn that you can pre-cook and freeze potatoes- which is perfect if it looks like you’re not going to eat them before they go bad. You can halve them and they will be ready for quick roasting from frozen.


You can boil rice, cool it and freeze in portions to save some time midweek.

Pizza Dough / Quiche crust

If you make too much homemade pizza dough or quiche crust, you can freeze this to use another time


Make a second loaf and freeze for the occasion where you’re too tired to bake.


If you buy a massive bunch of parsley that you will never use before it goes off (like me), freeze it!


If you don’t bake so much and have bought a block of margarine too many you can freeze it.


I have soaked, cooked, cooled and frozen chickpeas and kidney beans with good success and is cheaper and creates less packaging than buying cans.

Did I miss anything?



  1. Great list. I’m a huge fan of freezing. You can freeze cheese too, although it does tend to make it a tad bit more crumbly once thawed.

    But I have a question about the rice. When I’ve tried it, I generally end up sticking it in the microwave to thaw, but then it tends to turn out mushy and overcooked. Any suggestions?

    On the herbs thing, I’ve had great luck using ice cube trays. You just put the herbs in the blender with a bit of water and pour the mixture into ice cube trays. When they’re frozen you pop them out and store them in a bag in the freezer. Then when you want to use them you just toss a cube or two into the pot. Works great!

    The other thing that I do is cook in big batches and then freeze meal sized portions. When I was still working this was a total life saver because all I had to do was open the freezer and grab something on my way out the door…. no thought required, and it saved me a TON of money because I wasn’t tempted to go out to eat. Also, I didn’t have to refrigerate it because by the time I was ready to eat it was generally thawed and ready to stick in the microwave. I still do this, though not as much, because it’s really nice to have some ready made meals on hand for days when I’m not up to cooking.

  2. You can freeze the cheese grated, and then just use to use on top of a vegetable bake or quiche or something.

    With the rice, i just put it in a pot with a lid, and a little water on the bottom (maybe 3 table spoons) and close the lid and put the heat back on. This is where my kitchen timer is my friend because I tend to forget about when i leave the rice on and it just ends in burned rice and stinky kitchen. OR, I throw the rice directly into some stir fried veggies (and break the clumps up with a wooden spoon).

    I do the same with meals too – so handy! You can just leave them out in the morning before you go to work for a quick dinner.

    For the ice-cube tray, I need to get more than 1 ice cube tray then! LOL!

  3. Hmmm… but how do you keep the grated cheese from turning into one giant lump? I’m always hitting it with a hammer trying to get it to break up! Maybe it’s that I generally do this with mozzarella, which is fairly soft to begin with… or is there a trick to it?

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