Things I don’t throw away

repurposed T-Shirt, Plastic Bag HolderYoghurt Buckets

These are air-tight, so great for freezing, storing food and detergent, bringing soapy detergent to wash windows… etc. I also soak my coffee machine bits in here from time to time.

Elastic Bands

If you buy scallions/green onions, very often they will come with elastic bands which are great for holding open packets of lentils or pasta or coffee in your cupboard nice and airtight. I keep a cup on my shelf so as i can throw these into them when I take them off the greens and then when I need an elastic band I know where they are.

Fererro Rocher See-Through Plastic Boxes

These again are sturdy, and make very pretty organisation boxes for crafts or documents. I think they look like the ones that you can buy from Muji.

Pretty Glass Jars and bottles

Can be upcycled with material or paper to make pencil holders/vases or to make jam to give to friends/ store pulses. I really can’t throw glass in the bin, it has to at least be recycled or I feel really bad!

Kettle / Coffee Machine Water

Can be used to water plants/steep pulses, rinse soapy residue off dishes. Just keep the kettle beside you when washing up.

Takeaway Fruit-Salad Containers

These domed cups are so pretty, and also u can re-use them to take your own fruit salad to work with you. At the moment we are storing once-used “deep frying” oil to use another time in one.

Takeaway Forks

Wash and stash in your desk drawer for a picnic lunch

Plastic Bags

Unless it’s ripped, i keep even the small produce vegetable bags that you get in the supermarket to use as bin liners.

Plastic and Wooden Trays

I don’t like the unnecesary plastic-wrapping of vegetables at all, but I do keep these to use for sorting out my cupboard. E.g. larger ones can be used to hold teatowels and sponges, smaller ones to hold


The cloth on tshirts that have gone bally or a funny colour can be used for rags for cleaning the window, or you can make a plastic bag holder to hang inside your cupboard like I have done. I’m the laziest person at sewing ever, i just clipped the arms off, hand sewed them in and sewed the bottom inwards, using the sleeves to make a drawstring which doubles as a string to hang it up with. There are much nicer tutorials for people who are neater with their sewing like over on the Makises blog here there is a step by step picture instruction.

Did I miss something glaringly obvious?



  1. I’m chuckling to myself on this one. I’ve had to limit the number of this sort of stuff that I let myself keep because it can take over rather quickly if you let it. After cleaning out a carload of this stuff about 10 years ago (not kidding) I decided that I had to be more reasonable about how much of it I could really use. It sort of kills me to toss/recycle things that could be used for something, but there’s a difference between “could be used” and “will be used!”

  2. yea there is a fine line alright! The past few years I have had to move house around twice a year, sometimes three times a year, so I definitely know where my personal limits are on keeping stuff ;-)

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