Kefir Update

My kefir is doing quite nicely, it needs its milk changed every 2 days and seems to prefer UHT milk. After the next change it should be edible. Hopefully you can see the difference in the consistency to yoghurt in the photo with the spoon.

Here is how I change its milk – just pour it into a non-metal sieve, reserving the milky liquid and then gently rinse the grains (mine are very delicate at the moment). Rinse or change its jar, put the grains back in and cover with milk. I fill mine to half a jar full.

I got the grains from a person on the list at (in German). Perhaps someone knows of another website for the english-speaking world? I would love to bring some home to my sister when the grains are big enough, but am not sure about bringing it through an airport and i dont want to post it and get her in trouble. Has anyone any ideas?

Here is a recipie for Kefir Bread Rolls from the kind lady I got the grains from:

Kefir Bread Rolls

Makes approx 10 bread rolls.


  • 500g Plain Flour
  • 1 tablespoon Salt
  • 300g Kefir
  • 30g Yeast
  1. Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm kefir.
  2. Add the flour and the salt and knead well.
  3. Leave the dough an hour to work.
  4. Then knead again and form around 10 breadrolls. You could also make 20 mini bread rolls.
  5. Then “paint” them with water and put into a pre-heated oven (fan assist 170 degrees celcius) and bake until golden.

I heard that you need to leave yeast to work overnight so as that it is finished “working” or it isn’t good for your digestion? I will give it a go whenever my kefir is ready, which should be on Friday :)



  1. Oooo… I have wanted to try making kefir forever! The commercial stuff all has an ingredient called “inulin” which is often derived from chicory root, and I am VIOLENTLY allergic to chicory.

    So when you change the milk, does that mean that the old milk is now kefir? I dunno… I don’t generally drink milk because of lactose “issues” so maybe it’s a bad idea. I do love kefir though, and my tummy seems to handle it ok, but if you have to change the milk every few days that sounds like either a lot of kefir or a lot of wasted milk! What do you think? How much milk would you say you go through?

    Anyhow, I think you can buy kefir grains on

  2. Yes, exactly, you put milk in and kefir comes out.

    I just read up a little bit and apparently because of the fermentation process, kefir is almost lactose free (maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem to irritate your tummy). I think you can also use dried milk to make too, although I haven’t done that. The UHT keeps well when it’s in the fridge all the same.

    I don’t make so much at a time, just a third to a half of a jam-jar full and i would normally use around that on my muesli or with fruit in the morning.

    When I want something else for breakfast, I just store it in a mug and use it later. Then when Ive too much kefir and don’t want to make any more for a few days, I put it in water with a little milk diluted through it and it will be fine.

    I think it’s better to get a piece of the live stuff from someone else, as I’ve heard it’s hard to get those grains to start up. But I have no experience with them, so I don’t really know.

    This week I used a 1 Litre carton of milk. Since my piece of kefir came from a chunk that had been frozen, it needs 4 or 5 rinses before you can drink the kefir again. I think by tomorrow evening I should be up and running properly.

    There are forums and stuff where people are happy to give you a piece of their kefir, because it just grows and grows and they have to throw it away otherwise.

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