Mending Jeans, Sewing, Saving Money by mending, making do, saving moneyI keep saying to myself that I should buy a new, more decent looking bag. Why? In the last few weeks I have sewn up a well-used bag where the handle had become “unhinged”. My smaller handbag just needs a bit of a clean and the zipper had come off so I replaced it with a simple keyring-ring. My smallest handbag also needs sewing (the strap fell off). Or I could cut it off and use it as a clutch… but I think I would get more wear out of it over the shoulder. That’s three bags.

I recently mended a hoodie that wasn’t being worn because of a small hole that got pulled on the front ( you know the ones) – a couple of stitches and it will do for running around the house. And also a pair of jeans got saved and will happily be in use for a little longer, (why is it always the nicest pair of jeans that seem to fall apart first?)

The money I didn’t spend on these new things can be put towards finishing the 10k savings goal. At the end of next month I could be approaching 7k :-)



  1. Congratulations on your savings!

    I think I sort of take mending to extreme levels. It’s not that I have any shortage of clothes, I just have my favorites, and they tend to wear out. I recently mended my favorite pair of pink shorts yet again… although I fear the end is near. They are really horrible on some level – they’re hopelessly stained, and so threadbare that you can see the pattern on my underwear through them, and I’d never be caught dead wearing them in a public place, but they are soooo comfy and perfect for lounging around the house on a hot day. I’m hoping to get one more summer out of them before they are consigned to the rag bag.

  2. thank you! i’m not at 7k yet, but next month i should be getting there which is kind of unbelievable:) Don’t give up on your comfy pink shorts just yet! ;)

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