Mini “Cold Dog” Cake (kalter Hund / kalter Schnautze)

Mini cold dog cake, mini kalter hund cake, mini kalter schnautze cake, baking, recipies, german cake recipie, old fashioned german cakeMini "Cold Dog" or "Kalter Hund" cake

This is one of my favourite german cakes, an old-fashioned “cold dog” cake. A full-size one of these cakes is enough for 10 people, so, since there are only 2 of us and we don’t want to be eating it for the next week for breakfast lunch and dinner, I halved it to make a mini one. You could of course make a full-size one by doubling the amounts.

The cake uses coconut/palm fat and ordinary biscuits which are arranged in a long tray and set in the fridge to cool, kind of like a chocolatey lasagne with biscuits. It “melts” a little when out of the fridge too long and it does contain raw eggs, so, please be aware of the risks of that and decide if that’s for you :-)

I used one a recycled plastic strawberry tray to line and use as the cake “tin” as it was just about the right size, but if you have a tupperware box that would work too. Yay! recycling!


  • 2 eggs
  • 125g sugar
  • 63g cocoa powder (plus extra for decorating if you like)
  • 125g palm-fat
  • 12 plain butter biscuits (rectangular shape) biscuits (e.g “Nice”)
  • some cling film or parchment paper to line the tray


Melt the palm fat and leave to one side to cool a little. Line the “cake tin” with either cling film or baking/parchment paper. Beat the eggs and sugar until “foamy” and carefully mix in the cocoa powder. Add the palm fat into the mix. Begin layering the chocolate-mix and the biscuits, starting and finishing with the chocolate-mix. Leave in the fridge to cool for 12hrs and when serving, you can use an electric knife if you have it, to cut the cake.


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