I think I’m getting a lot better at realising that I don’t always have to spend a lot of money to buy something I need. For example here are some things that I have recently avoided forking out a lot for by swapping or making something else (I’m calling it a workaround).


A few months ago my bicycle was stolen which means a long walk to work for me (or take the bus when it’s raining). I realised that I was being silly buying a bicycle when there is a “city bike” station at the end of my street! There is a €5 registration fee, but as long as I keep my trip under half an hour it’s free!

Makeup Remover

You can see how I made it in this post I did a few weeks ago. i still have about three-quarters of a bottle full and it has not affected my skin at all. So I think I will be skipping the branded stuff at €25 a bottle!

Face Moisturizer

I get a lot of magazines in work and have been trying out the samples for moisturizer that are in them which has helped me keep my bottle of kiehls a little longer.

Summer Clothing

I got my sewing machine together now to get some vintage skirts with cute patterns to take up. Sometime.

Shea Butter Hair Mask

I have bought some shea butter today from my local african goods shop, so I will be giving something like this mango butter recipe a go (but with raw shea butter) because I don’t much like the price tag on the Phytokarité product that my hair loves.


Love my homemade laundry washing liquid that i also use on my mop to clean my lino floor and citrus spray and washing soda multisurface spray. Definitely won’t be buying any branded products there for a while!

Fabric Softener

I alternate with using vinegar (rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar – whatever’s going). Trust me, you don’t smell anything off the clothes.

Dishcloth scrubber

Crochet your own! Seriously, if I can do it – you can too.

Have you got any good tips for workarounds you’d like to share :-)?


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