Homemade Laundry Soap Experiment Update

I mixed my last batch of homemade laundry soap from my experiment back in mid May, so now I know that with two bars of soap you can make well over two months worth of laundry liquid ;) I seem to use one 750ml bottle a week for a household of 2 people, and each batch makes two 750ml bottles. So from May 11th – the end of July approx that means that two bars of soap and some washing soda means around two and a half months of cheap and good detergent.

There are certain items in the house that it doesn’t wash very well, like some of the underarms of some tshirts, but maybe the borax powder this would solve this problem. I’m very happy with it and I feel like it’s almost making me money! It’s definitely saving me  €10 – €15 a month. The next time I will try it with the Sonnett brand soap because I found it cheaper and apparently it is also good soap. I’m sold on it!

Another thing on my to-do list is to get some plain white vinegar that I can use from time to time instead of fabric conditioner and to help keep my machine in good working order. I haven’t had any “out of the ordinary” trouble from my washing machine since I started using it. (Mine leaks a little on the wash cycle and has done since I inherited it from the last tenant who also had the same issue). I do also run a weekly hot wash for my white towels and bedlinen, where I run it at maximum temperature with some biological washing powder instead, for hygiene purposes.


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