Home-Made Liquid Hand-soap Experiment

homemade hand soapMaking the homemade washing detergent the other day gave me a brainwave: why not grate soap and dissolve it in hot water and simply use it as soap?

I bought a lovely quality vegetable oil soap on special offer at a local drugstore (€1.50 for two bars). I grated one of them, which takes just about five minutes.

Then I took eight tablespoons of the grated soap and dissolved it in about 350ml of hot water, stirred it up well and left it to solidify. Later I added another 350ml of hot water to the soapy mass, mashed it up and stirred it. The following day I did the same.

All in all, with just 8 measly tablespoons of soap I filled this kilo bucket (recycled yoghurt tub) and this recycled handsoap refill full of homemade liquid handsoap!

The stuff in the tub still needs to be diluted once again because it is too solid.

We won’t need handsoap for quite some time, and because the soap I used to grate was such lovely quality it smells gorgeous.

It leaves me thinking: why is liquid handsoap so fashionable and bars of soap are not anymore?



  1. I have been making my own soaps for a while, and it is easy and economical. I quit using bar soaps when in cosmetology school I learned cat urine was used to prevent you from knowing when a bar had gone bad (if you have a slimy goo on the bar it’s bacteria and is bad). It was just too gross to think about putting on my body. But once I began to live greener, I went back to bar soap but this time am using an all natural bar soap.

  2. I have never heard that before about the cat urine?!?! I also use all natural soap and shampoo.

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