Making Yoghurt

easi yo yoghurt maker from scratch
Something like 500ml would have resulted in thicker yoghurt, but it tastes very good. Just a little thinner than I would like. I think it would make very good frozen yoghurt or smoothies.

My yoghurt-maker is officially back in business this morning! After being put into hibernation since September 2008, it was my disorganisation this morning that caused me to resurrect it. I had no kefir for my muesli at all and I am doing really good with it the last few weeks, both taking it and feeling good and healthy.

I’m trying a tip from another website about using the Easi-Yo yoghurt maker to produce yoghurt from scratch, which is to use UHT Milk (very easy to find in Germany) and some powdered milk. The Easi-Yo system works with hydrating packets of starter culture (that I never bought because I thought they were quite expensive).

So as an experiment I have 700ml cold UHT milk, 2T milk powder and 4T of good quality natural yoghurt (no added thickeners or gelatine). When I made it before I did use the milk powder, but I never got it to turn out really thick, but maybe I didnt leave it long enough to work. Let’s see how this turns out!


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