Savings Update

My wage slip is in for July, so I will probably get my wages tomorrow – meaning – that it will bring my savings to at least 7,500€. I’m delighted. Even though I was generally more disorganised and overspent this month, it’s still an amazing amount especially before my 6 month probationary period is over.

One thing that I have been having some difficulty with is when I make plans with colleagues to have lunch together (to discuss a project) and they decide not to go and then I’m left with no lunch and have to go buy something. On the other hand, a spell of good weather has meant that I can walk or cycle to work this week, whereas last week I needed to take the bus every day because I was working so late. The snack box problem has sorted itself out, since a mouse has taken a liking to it and nibbles all the packages! Puts me right off! I think all in all, the key is keeping your daily expendture to a minimum and getting a plan together to help you to do just that.

I had to laugh this week, a really lovely colleague of mine wanted to start to put some money aside, but to begin her savings she splashed out on a GIANT pink ceramic piggy bank. I thought to myself how funny it was that she began her savings by spending!



  1. I feel a little bit the same about my yoghurt maker you know, because you could also as easily make it in a jar or a thermos flask and you don’t need necessarily to buy a special set. The principle is exactly the same.

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