Free Time!

I have a surprise free day to myself and I’m up early to make the most of it. I have a couple of things that actually need doing but I’m most of all looking forward to having some time to go for a rummage in some charity shops alone. My friend that I went to visit last week recommended one near her flat and I can’t wait to go but my boyfriend doesn’t like second hand shops so much, so, I rarely get the opportunity to go.

I noticed during the week before I got paid that the Mexx store in town (upstairs) is having an amazing sale and I want to go there to get some birthday/christmas presents. I know it’s very early, but I think it’s better to get them now and have them rather than leaving it all until the last minute. Most of my family have their birthday in the same week at the end of September, which has its advantages as well as disadvantages.


One comment

  1. I absolutely love thrift shops, when I need something. It’s amazing what treasures you can find. Have a good day.

    I too have birthdays in September, one a week through the month. It’s both a blessing and a difficult period. It’s a blessing in that we have 4 times in one month that we get together to celebrate, but of course the monthly budget takes a beating. 3 of the 4 birthdays are for children so that makes it especially fun.

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