Saturday’s Menu Plan Posted

I just updated my menu plan for the coming week, you can check it out through my Recipies Page. I prefer to plan my meals for the week on Saturday mornings at breakfast because I can take a peek in the fridge and make a mental note of what’s in there to use up. Then as I’m clearing up breakfast, the fridge gets a quick wipe before I go fill it up again.

As a rough guideline, on Saturdays and Sundays I will make something that we can eat for 2 days. That saves me time then during the week. Supermarkets in Germany are closed on Sundays so I tend to get the groceries as first port of call and then I can get on with my days off :)

On Sunday it will usually be some roast meat that I can chop up and either stir fry or use in a curry. Then as the week goes on, I prefer to reach into the freezer and either leave something out to thaw that morning or throw straight into the oven. I try to make sure to eat fish or seafood once or twice a week and also vegetarian once or twice a week and something with minced beef is my fallback when I’m feeling imagination-less! I usually buy something to make into salad and something to make into soup. That seems to work for us as two people.

Is your menu plan very different to mine? And do you have other weeknight fallbacks that keep you out of the takeaway?



  1. I love that your supermarkets are closed on Sundays, it would remind more people that you don’t need to be at the store every day. Growing up we had one shopping day per week, Friday mornings. WE got everything we needed for the week and made do when we forgot something. Today people can be seen at the store every day picking something up.

  2. when I moved here it took a long time to get used to. But you get organised and it means you have really a whole day to just relax. Only things to do with “leisure time” are allowed to open on Sundays.

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