Covered Bottle

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This is just a quick decorating idea from bits and pieces I had lying around the apartment from other projects.

I had some nice, natural-looking material left over from taking up the curtains, and thought I could find a decorative purpose for it. I also have a cute glass bottle not doing much and some not very healthy looking lavender flowers. When you put them all together, this is the result!

How I did it was by cutting a length of the material and stitched up along the natural seam to hold it in place around the bottle. Then I gathered the material at the bottom and stitched it too so as that it held its shape. Then lastly i turned up the oversized neck part for a nice imperfect look. I filled it with the unfortunate lavender and I think it looks nice in the bathroom, which doesn’t have any natural light so I can’t put plants in there.

Mind you, I don’t seem to have green fingers at the best of times anyway. If I did then I wouldn’t have the problem with the wilting lavender!


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