Swap: White Vinegar as Fabric Conditioner


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At the start of the week I tried out substituting my capful of fabric conditioner with a shot of white vinegar, which was recommended to me by a good friend, and so far so good :)

There really is no vinegar smell at all on the clothes which was my main concern and I feel like I’m doing something to help the poor old washing machine from our hard water. It’s a toploader and I always feel like it’s more sensitive than a front-loader.

The clothes are also quite soft. I can’t believe how much of it I have used already! The branded fabric conditioner chemical mixture will not be used as default in our house anymore but I will continue to use each a little.



  1. I too use vinegar in my rinse cycle, but only if I have synthetic fabrics in the load. As long as I keep my cottons separate I don’t have a problem with needing softener or static problems. This way I save on having to buy vinegar so often.

  2. thanks for sharing your tip! I was very surprised by how much vinegar I was using and even though it’s a lot cheaper than fabric conditioner, it makes me think about how much fabric conditioner I use!!!

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