Yoghurt Update

successful from scratch yoghurt from easi yo yoghurt maker

Yayyy! I’m so happy! The thickest from scratch home-made yoghurt ever from my “Easi Yo” Yoghurt maker! Using a starter from my last batch of yoghurt (i.e. not buying new yoghurt). And in record time: less than a day! I’m delighted! Can you tell? ;)

How I did it was 100ml starter taken out from the fridge and left at room temperature for 15mins. Heated 500ml of UHT milk until lukewarm and placed in the Easi Yo yoghurt maker (kind of like a big plastic water basin that holds about 300ml hot water). 2T of powdered milk into it and left for around 11hrs.

At this rate I will have so much left over I can make some frozen yoghurt too maybe :) A lot of this yoghurt will be used by tomorrow (memo to self – put the icecream maker bowl into the freezer and get an easy recipe to try). We love froghurt!



  1. Congratulations!

    I went through fits trying to make yogurt but finally came up with a foolproof method that yielded nice thick stuff just like store bought. Here’s my method, just in case you’re curious.

    1) It worked best with WHOLE milk that was NOT UHT processed – just regularly pasteurized – apparently the UHT process kills certain enzymes or bacteria or something that are necessary for it to get nice and thick. I tried it with lowfat milk and it was a complete disaster. Not sure what that’s about.

    2) Important to scald the milk first – put it in a double boiler and raise it’s temperature to 180 F (you have to use a candy thermometer and watch it like a hawk, because if you heat it too much you’ll kill the bacteria that make it set up properly.) I just put it into glass mason jars and stuck them in a big pot of water and then heated the water to boiling while stirring the milk and keeping an eye on the temperature.

    3) Cool the milk to 115F

    4) Add a spoonful of yogurt from the last batch.

    5) Put the sealed jars into a cooler filled with 115 degree water and shove it into the warmest corner of the house for 8 hours.

    Voila! perfect yogurt!

    The only problem is that it takes some effort to get the scalding right and it’s not so fun to stand over a pot of boiling water in the summertime – so yogurt making is a winter activity for me.

    I’m curious about your method though… I’ve read about using powdered milk to make it thicker, but the cookbook I read it in (Laurel’s Kitchen) said that you couldn’t use instant powdered milk – you had to get some other variety that I’d never heard of. Did you use instant? Just curious.

  2. Thanks for sharing your method! I will give it a go. I used to heat the milk and stuff but never got anywhere probably because of the yoghurt maker I’m using is intended for heating up pre-purchased sachets (that I never bought), or maybe the temperature in Ireland was just too cold as well and I should have left it to work a bit longer – or that I’m too impatient to use a thermometer properly!

    The exact powder that I’m using (the only one available in the supermarket) is called “Skimmed Milk Powder (easily soluble)” by a brand called “Sucofin”.

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