Back from Berlin

I had a great time in Berlin, lots of memories and I was surprised by how much of the city I’d forgotten… and how long it’s been. But the trip was relatively a great success because I was concerned that I didn’t have much money left for the month… and I would be going out with my colleagues and what if I couldn’t get a place to stay… etc etc.

All in all I spent 6eur on flowers for my old friend who was putting me up on such short notice (I would rather give her something than a hostel!) and I took her out to dinner (17.00). I spent 4.40 on train tickets to and from her house to the train station altogether and had change out of a fiver then for drinks and breakfasts (stuck to whole-grain breadrolls).


TIP! If I’d have been clever, I’d have filled my bottle with water before I left the agency and my friend’s house. You live and you learn ;)


The event had full catering and some other goodies to offer (including flip flops and I really need new flip flops since my ones were stolen in a swimming pool) and a cool looking designed fabric bag.

All in all I spent around 30€ which I think is not bad for a day trip!

What I thought was lovely was that the restaurant that we went to to eat something offered my friend if she wanted what she didn’t eat wrapped to takeaway with her. You would never ever experience this in Hamburg. Here you have to ask and you’re made to feel like you’re the tightest person in the world. It was so refreshing. It’s such a waste for the food to be thrown in the bin!


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  1. Sounds like a great trip. Around here we are always asked if we need a to-go bag or box for our food before we even have to ask. Interesting how different areas have different customs.

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