Fluffy Kefir Pancakes

These pancakes are an adaptation of the orginial and my favourite Jamie Oliver “USA style pancakes recipe“, but where it asks for milk, I add freshly fermented kefir. I also added a package of vanilla sugar.

In the pictures I show how I “prove my pan” since my frying pan is not great quality, I get far better results if I treat it this way first. It basically involves adding some salt to the first blob of oil and then wiping the oil and salt away with some paper towels and then adding your cooking oil as normal.

If you have three eggs, 110g flour, a package of vanilla sugar, 140ml room-temperature kefir a heaped tablespoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt, you too can have some delicious pancakes ;)

I watched Jamie Oliver do this on TV a few years ago and his “trick” to keep them fluffy was to beat the egg whites separately to the yolk and add them in at the very end, just folding gently to keep as many of the bubbles in as possible.

This made enough pancakes for two people to be just full, so if you’re very hungry or would like to make some to keep for the next day, I would suggest scaling the recipe up to make more.


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