I’d been wanting to write about “flying” to help me get back on the bandwagon which I have fallen off recently.

“Flying” is a kind of a system for home-organisation from a website called Flylady where you learn in baby steps to get organised, and tailor it to your specific needs. It sounds more complicated than it is.

For me it means that I feel organised mid-week, I don’t have a marathon clean on Saturday morning, that I have clean clothes for us all week long or when I get sick/have a spontaneous visitor, like right now, it’s not the end of the world.

My schedule, as a working person, looks a bit like this:

Mon – weekly home blessing hour (i divide this up into 6 x 10 min slots that I do in the mornings from Mon – Fri before I go to work, rather than doing it all on Monday in one hour).

  • 10mins dusting
  • 10mins vacuuming floors (just the middles)
  • 10mins washing floors (just the middles)
  • take out all the bins
  • 10 mins change the bedclothes
  • 10 mins cleaning mirrors etc

Tues – plan and play day (i plan what we’re going to do for the weekend)

Wed – anti-procrastination day (do 1 thing that you’ve been putting off!) I give the fridge a wipe on Wednesdays too.

Thur – errands day (i make up 5 outfits for work on thursday evenings)

Fri – paperwork day and date night 

Sat –  free

Sun – free

In the mornings my toilet and sink gets a “swish and swipe”, i clean the shower quickly after i use it and i’ve to keep my sink shiny and keep an eye on my calendar. That’s the bare bones of it! If you’re interested in finding out more, a great place to start is the 30 day challenge. Can’t recommend it enough.



  1. You know I actually looked over the schedule a few years back when I felt my housework was ruling my life. It’s a good routine, and I’ve held on to a few of the suggestions, but now I have such a small space that I really don’t need a routine to keep the place neat and tidy.

  2. The same thing happened at breakfast. I really didn’t want to clean up those dishes. All I had to clean up were 3 small plates, 3 forks and 3 cups. I quickly filled up the sink and washed the dishes. They drip-dried in the few minutes I was helping the kids and then I put the dishes away. My kitchen was nice and shinny again.

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