Step-By-Step Picture Tutorial: Making your own Washing Liquid

I was making up a new batch of the home-made washing liquid and photographed sort of “step-by-step” picture instructions of how to do it if anyone is interested in giving it a go.

All you need is hot water, a whisk, grated curd soap, washing soda, some containers (or one that will hold about 1.5L) and a funnel.

1. Sort out the dry ingredients.

Take 15g of grated curd soap. The brand I am using here is “Sonnett”, but actually I preferred the brand “Klar” that I used the last time. I don’t have a weighing scales that measures such fine amounts, so i know that this small spice jar is 75g so less than half is around 30g and so a quarter is around 15g. Then to that add 2 pretty level tablespoons of washing soda.

2. Add the hot water. You will add 350ml of hot water a total of three times, but at later stages. Right now just add one lot of 350ml. This tall glass passata jar is 750ml (i dont have a measuring jug), so i add half-jar quantities.

3. Stir to dissolve. If you have a whisk it saves a lot of time. If not, you can just stir it until the grated soap looks dissolved. Then leave it an hour to solidify.

4. Cut up and add more water. When you come back it will look “set”. All you need to do it cut it up into chunks, add another 350ml of hot water and whisk it again. Leave overnight.

5. Repeat step 4 and instead of leaving it to set again, pour it into your containers using a funnel (I use old wine and passata bottles that I cleaned out).

Then you need 200ml of the liquid each time you wash. I use it in my toploader washing machine and it’s fine. Every now and again I run a hot wash for my whites with store-bought biological washing powder for the hygiene of the machine and with synthetics i add a little shot of vinegar.

I wish I had known I could make my own washing liquid when I was in college!



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