Finishing the Apartment

I spontaneously have a visitor, a very old and good friend coming to stay with me for 5 days. When people come to stay I realise that there is so much still needing done to the apartment. I know I will not get all of these things done but there are a few jobs that really urgently need doing and I thought I would have a little hunt around online to see if I could find any inspiration for projects around the home.

  • our three different colours of scratched bathroom tiles and the walls need “harmonising” and I would like to paint them with tile paint. On Ebay I can get it delivered for around 20€ for two tins (and then i still need rollers etc.)
  • the stained back room carpet needs changed – found a good place in Hamburg with nice offcuts for a 12m sq room around 90€. We will lay the carpets ourselves.
  • artwork for the walls (generally)
  • rug for the sitting room 
  • electrical sockets and switches need changed – not sure how to do this.
  • make a cover for the couch – (tutorial here at HoneyBearLane. I have fabric i can use)
  • have a go at making some nice bedding – e.g.  apartment therapy’s DIY tutorial on bedspreads and another tutorial for bedsheets. I really love these onesfrom Muji but to buy the full set is around €130:( Maybe I can get some jersey somewhere for less?If anyone has any experience any of this I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips! Thank you!


  1. Changing light switches and sockets was something I feared for a long time, finally I tackled it. It’s so easy. You simply unscrew a couple of screws to get the wire off the existing socket and put the new one in attaching the wires to the same place on the new ones, tighten the screw down. Of course, be sure to have the power turned off first.

    Years ago I helped a friend paint her bathroom tiles (not in the tub area). She used regular latex paint. This was in 1993 and it’s still holding up nicely.

  2. That’s good to hear about the sockets because I really damaged one in the sitting room (giving a bit too much “gusto” while unplugging the vacuum cleaner). There is quite a large hole there now, and the fixture sits sort of ajar :S Pay day is just around the corner, so I’ll just do each thing little by little :) Thanks for sharing about the latex paint too, I’m not sure what that is called in german, but i’ll have a look when i’m in the home-improvement store.

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