Quick water-saving tip!

You can also see the green paint on the tiles on the wall behind that irritates me so much! It’s so ugly!!!

I have a quick water-saving tip that my boyfriend discovered which I think will save us even more on our water bill. We just got our bill for the last year and we’re owed some money back on it, about 2 months payments- so we we’re delighted about that. I was a bit worried because when some of my visitors are here, they don’t realise that the water is metered… and on top of that it’s such a strain on the environment.

Our toilet flush has “STOP” written on one part of it, meaning that you can control how much water you use to flush. Think about it: do we really have to use the full 10L flush every time? No. That’s why on other modern toilets have a long flush and a short flush, so it’s completely normal! Since he pointed this out to me (we’ve been living here a year and have only just realised), we’ve both been saving water whenever possible :)

I hope this helps someone to cut down on their water bill and save some money :)


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