Fitted Couch Cover

DIY couch throw
still some minor bits to hand-sew, but I think it makes the room look a lot nicer already

I’ve been keeping to my list of home-improvements… and this week took out number 5: the Fitted Couch Cover :)  I loosely followed the instructions for this tutorial from HoneyBearLane.

I decided not to cover the two interior cushions separately and instead make a big throw as that is easier for me to look after, but I did start the same way, draping the fabric and pinning it and marking it where the folds would be.

I used two “Indira” pieces of fabric from Ikea that the previous owner of the apartment left me as a gift. I cut them like this:

pattern for making your own couch cover

Then I sewed the shapes together to make a long cover for the arms. The rest is really just sewing it into place, keeping in mind that it can be removed easily for washing.

I’m quite pleased with the result and even though next weekend is ear-marked already for getting the winter tyres for the car, I have already bought the paint for DOING UP THE BATHROOM!!  SO excited!



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