60€ Bathroom Makeover

after budget small bathroom makeover
after (with a little bit of touch-up-paint still to go)
budget bathroom makeover

This weekend we tackled the bathroom. We spent around 60€ on various kinds of white paint – special tile paint (because it’s for the shower and sink area), radiator paint as well as bathroom paint. We also had no brushes or rollers or anything, so we’d to buy those too. But for 60€ … it feels so lovely! The sink is still mauve, so i’m not sure what to do there. I was thinking about maybe putting up a shelf and having some mauve accessories? Or doing a painting, perhaps of a seagull with lots of purples in it? What do you think?



  1. I would definitely embrace the mauve. There are a couple things you could try, my son and wife have a bathroom with all avocado fixtures, they added silver and white touches and use the accessories to draw attention from them. Another friend painted a few of her tiles to match a color scheme she wanted to enhance, you could probably do that to distract if you don’t like the mauve. Adding browns, golds and deep blues to the room would give it a rich punch and both distract and enhance the mauve.

  2. They sound like lovely colour combinations, but since I rent it would mean i’ve to paint it white when I leave… Painting over the light mauve tiles took 3 coats alone! Or am I just being lazy??

  3. No not lazy. I love painting when it’s what I want to live with but hate painting it back when I have to move. I don’t know where you live, but the generally the laws here state that renters are allowed to make improvements and changes as long as they either restore it to the way it was when they leave or leave the improvements there. For example, if I change out a light fixture I either have to put the old one back or leave the new one, I can’t just take my fixture and not have any fixtures in place when I move. Check with your local renter laws to see what they are in your area, you may not have to change any thing back.

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