Making your Workplace Work for You

Last week I overheard two colleagues discussing ordering food because we’d be working late. (The company pays a certain amount for your grub after 8pm and for your taxi home after 9pm.) One of the more experienced colleagues advised one of the newer ones to “order the larger portion and if you can’t finish it all, then eat it for lunch tomorrow”. And I thought to myself… hey! That’s clever!

I started to think about other “goodies” the company offers and how I can put them to work a bit harder for me. For example, there is free fruit and muesli at work – so why do I eat breakfast at home? If I just got a bit more organised I could take my kefir or homemade yoghurt with me and eat breakfast for free!!! That is my challenge for the next week (i have had no kefir this week).

I charge my mobile phone there also, have my morning coffee there also and expense my taxis when I’ve been working late. In previous companies I worked in where there was no clear policy on that I was too shy to hand in receipts when I saw that others were more brazen. And of course take your all your holiday days every year because they’re worth money!

Are there any ways that you can save some of your own money at work? (legally of course!)



  1. What a great place to work, how lucky you are. I can’t think of any thing better that I have done, but my grandfather worked a General Electric. He saved his sick days, personal days, and vacation days and took them all at the same time with the GE shut down of two weeks each summer. By the time I was a teen he had 8 weeks of paid time off each summer and felt it was the best way to do it. He had his time to relax, make necessary home repairs/maintenance, and take a vacation. When it was over he was refreshed and ready to return to work.

  2. Where I work you are allowed a maximum of 3 weeks at a time, but would LOVE if it were possible to have the 8 weeks together! Yes, I know I am lucky, especially to have work at all the way things are at the moment.

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