Midweek lunchtime success

Hello, how’s it going? So far this week is going great with my eating-in at work, thanks to a baked cannelloni and a home made cake that has been keeping me going. The cannelloni is great because you can just slice it up and put it in the tupperware to take away. The cake I made wasn’t so much of a hit so I sliced it up and put the slices in my drawer for a quick snack which stops the midday visit to the snack box :) Slicing seems to work for me :)



  1. Today was the worst day for me in a while. My son had to work a double shift, not being able to take his wife for outpatient surgery. Their daughter stayed with me in the car and then everyone was hungry so we had to stop for lunch out, my cost $5. Hate when that happens.

  2. oh no! I hope your daughter in law is feeling better after her surgery. Spontaneous eating out is such a waste, but it happens sometimes I guess.

  3. She’s fine for now. It was a biopsy on a lump in her breast. She will find out Tuesday what the results are. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her she’s only 22, so young.

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