Updating my Wardrobe: The Grand Plan!

Hello everyone – well the weekend is finally here :) Great news with the lunchtime challenge- 4 out of 5 days this week with a home-made lunch!

Wednesday next week is my last day at work before I leave to spend some time at home with my folks at Halloween and I have Thursday and Friday off … all to myself :) Bliss!

I had a nice reminder from a post by TrashtoCouture that now’s a great time to look in charity shops and I plan to use these two days off to go out and have a look by myself because a lot of my clothes are really worn out. A good thing about changing job so much is that nobody knows how old your clothes really are – LOL! A friend told me about a good second hand shop near her home that will be my first port of call. This week during the lunch break I’ve been window shopping to see what colours are in the shop windows and trying to take stock of what is worn out.

Aside from this, I’ve been thinking about what I could mend and get a bit more wear out of instead of buying more. I plan to take up some jeans that have gone a bit ratty at the bottoms at the weekend and so went to buy some thread today. The department store that I went to has a very good selection of fabrics and I even saw a section of “coat material”. It got me thinking about making a cape perhaps, if that would be easy or difficult, and so, I started researching on the internet. I found so many lovely things… for example…



How do you plan your wardrobe? Do you tend to buy as you go along? Or make some time especially? I’m going to start with basics and just be open-minded about the rest.



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