Experimental Jam No. 2: Plum and Amaretto

plum and amaretto jam
It tastes a bit like there’s cinnamon in it, even though there’s not. For a firmer set, I should have added more sugar.

Hello again!

On my shopping list yesterday was jam – and I thought since it’s plum season that it would be much tastier and healthier to make it myself.

Here’s how I did it:

  • 12-13 not yet fully ripened plums, halved them and took out the stones.This left me with 700g of  plum-halves. On top of them I put:

    I poured all the sugar on top of them and left them for a few hours.
  • 500g sugar(white, brown and a package of vanilla sugar). I left the sugary halves all afternoon and when i came back i chopped the softened plums up very small and put them in a large pot. There was also a lot of syrup came off them at this stage, but I just threw everything into the pot.
  • To this, I added a knob of butter and the juice of half a clementine (I had no lemon juice!) and a shot of amaretto.

    Then I simmered the mix on a low heat for around 40 mins.

The set isn’t great, I think you’d probably need at least the same ratio of sugar as to fruit, but it tastes really good :) I think it would be great as a kind of filling in a dessert-y strudel or in some breakfast-y cinnamon roll-ups.


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