Camp-Fire Stick-Bread “Stockbrot”

The company I work for has a yearly charitable day where the employees can organise themselves into groups and have a day to carry out an act of charity and the company pays towards it and gives you a day off to do it. On Tuesday this week I had the wonderful experience of meeting some kids in care in their care-home.

Our purpose there, was to paint the kitchen-living room space for them and to build a chicken coop, and as a lunchtime treat the lady who runs the house offered us an outdoor-lunch of cheese and ham with “Stockbrot” or “Stick-bread” made over an open fire. I’d never seen this done before, and so I thought I would share how they did it.


I did not see the exact quantities of how the woman made the dough itself so the recipe is based on this recipe from The woman said it was plain flour, yeast, salt and a little bit of sugar… so I think this is probably very close, because she said there was definitely no butter or milk (so, vegan).


  • 500 g flour
  • 375 ml water
  • A half a cube of fresh yeast
  • 2 Tablespoons of oil
  • a teaspoon of salt (the original recipe asks for 1tablespoon, but i would never add a tablespoon of salt to anything that sounds crazy!!)
  • a teaspoon of sugar

You could add bits of “bear’s garlic” as they suggested in the recipe when it’s in season, some herbs or even some chopped olives… etc etc. It was very good just plain.

When the dough was mixed, she put it in a large bowl and threw it in the warm oven in the kitchen for maybe 5 minutes before packing it into a tupperware box to bring over to the garden area.


Then we gathered long, dried-out sticks, as straight as we could find. The sticks have to be long so as you don’t burn yourself coming near to the fire. If the sticks are too fresh off the tree they’ll smoulder. One end of the stick was then “pared away” with a knife about six inches / 10cm  to make it thinner.


Then we took small balls of the dough in our hands, maybe about the size of a plum and rolled it into a long sausage. We then wrapped this around the pared away part of the stick and put the stick over the glowing embers of the fire to bake, turning often. Then when it’s done you’ve to leave it away from the fire for a minute to allow it to cool a little before removing it.

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take photos, but if you google “Stockbrot” and look under “images” you’ll see how it’s supposed to look. It was very easy and very delicious. We stuffed the little twirls with pieces of cheese and ham – but apparently chocolate is very good too! Pity I didn’t know about it in the  summer, it would have been lovely for the bbq.


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