Shopping Mission Day 1 Report

Hello there! I had such an interesting day shopping yesterday. I got an even mixture of both new and thrifted things as well as my hair cut. I *WISH* I could cut my own hair, but anytime I have done, it has been a complete disaster. I have huge, thick wavy locks which with a little effort will go curly and I have found a hairdresser who cuts it ok and for €20.

The first (recommended) second-hand shop proved fruitless :( I found a pair of H&M jeans that were in just ok condition and fit just ok but were €15. When I found out that I couldn’t pay with my bank card I went to try to find a bank machine to get some cash and couldn’t. So I took it as a sign and left it. I thought that I would rather keep the €15 to put towards something else. When to buy and when to walk away… that’s the game. I think it’s about knowing what a fair price is for the item and weighing it up with your budget and if you think it’s a good deal and have the money  – then go for it!

Then I went to my “tried and trusted” charity shops and immediately found a top and a cardigan. Then there was a sale in Esprit, and I got a really lovely pair of new jeans for €30. I splurged an unmentionable amount on a pair of waterproof winter runner-boots that have a thermo sole, but I didn’t feel too guilty because comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must for me. What items do you “invest” in, and what items do you save on?

The thing that I was most surprised about yesterday was that I found two items that are 100% definitely in stores at the moment at full retail price. I tried one item on but it did nothing for me and realised immediately that its original owner obviously did the same. I was shocked that someone had thrown away their clothes so quickly.

I’m re-aquainting myself with thrifting and it seems to be as much about training your eye to look at the garments in terms of possibilities as it is an exercise in developing your own personal style without the “aid” of visual merchandising.

I say “aid” because visual merchandising has one purpose only and that is to make you not think too long about your decision and just buy something. I do like the dressed displays showing ideas for putting things together and neat and easy access to the clothes but I do not like what I like to call “pricing tactics”.  I went into a store yesterday to find there was a 25% sale on selected items just for that day, and I thought that I could perhaps get a good deal on some jeans. It turned out the jeans on “offer” were €70 – more than the non-sale items!! With the discount it made them the same price as all the other jeans!!

Today I am going to get together a bag of clothes to donate. I have recently replaced my hoodie, my walking shoes, a pair of jeans and a few other items, so my rule is one in: one out. I am going back out shopping today as I could use a few more tops and jumpers and a large bag. Wish me luck!



  1. I too tried the one in one out rule but I often fail at this. Animal prints catch my eye, bright colours and uncomparable items fill my wardrobe. I reason that I can’t replace my lovely skirts with other lovely skirts as they are just so different. I think I must just be addicted to clothes. But when I do throw out I have a huge clear out split into Charity, Friends, eBay and Rags…

  2. on this one i have an iron will! LOL! so much so that I will throw out in advance of shopping to FORCE me to replace it. that’s me! LOL! If i have something half decent I will offer it to friends first – but a lot of the time they’re so heavily worn they’re only fit for rags. if it’s not too bad then it goes to charity. there is one of those collector containers less than a minute from my flat so i have no excuse :)

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