The “C” word

Hello again! I hope this post finds you well :) it’s apparently 45 days until I go back again… and next time will have christmas presents for everybody hopefully. I was a little bit organised when I was back, and lifted a top that I can wear for my work party on the 13th. I also took back a pair of shoes. I am NOT buying anything new to wear this year.

As for presents, two relatives are fine with small gifts, and one will be getting some money. My boyfriend has already got his present (flights). So, there are really only 3 people to think about, my mum (I know what she wants), dad, brother and my boyfriend’s mum. I did up a little budget keeping in mind my 10k challenge that I still want to reach, and I think it will be ok, as long as I cut out eating out this month – that’s my November challenge.

We’re also planning a little getaway to the West of Ireland together, (just my boyfriend and I), over Christmas :) Perhaps three days visiting the gaelic-speaking “Aran Islands” where I’ve never been before, and generally Mayo/Connemara. Gotta get organised with the hotel/hostel deals ;)



  1. You are doing really well, especially with your challenge.

    What a lovely idea going to the Aran Islands. I’ll have to look them up.

    So where are you now? I’m a little confused.

    Sft x

  2. I wish Christmas didn’t involved presents. I much more enjoy handing someone something little during the year when I see something that reminds me of that person. I believe it means more that was as well. I have 4 people to buy presents for, two I completed Friday.

  3. You’re halfway there with the Christmas gifts ;) Every year I think “everyone is getting a voucher, I hate carrying all this luggage home”, and then I just buy something else anyway :) It’s a German tradition to make little Christmas cookies called “Plaetzchen” as gifts to give to colleagues and neighbours which is so lovely and personal and doesn’t involve buying things – you just need some free time. The classics include : cinnamon stars, Vanilla “Kipferl”, two-tone cookies, and macaroons.

  4. Why thank you :) I really hope I make it for the new year! I’ve been living here in Germany for around 4 years and am currently based in Hamburg.

  5. I don’t think I have had a couple of those and will have to check them out. I do love macaroons! My grandparents were both German, my grandfather full-blooded so I grew up with some of the traditional foods. What a nice tradition to give cookies to colleagues and neighbors, with all the attention spent on buying gifts people around here have forgotten to show appreciation for neighbors.

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