Candied Orange Peel

In response to a comment in one of my previous posts, I mentioned the German tradition of baking a selection of christmas cookies (“Plätzchen”) for friends and neighbours. Some recipies translated into english can be found here. There are also some cute ideas (in german) here. I’ve obviously gone native and started keeping pull-outs from magazines with different recipies! LOL!

I found a recipe for candied orange peel and thought it would make a lovely addition to a tin of home-made Plätzchen… so I just had to share!

It’s also a really nice way of giving a thoughtful gift, where if you already have some baking equipment you don’t need to buy much and you can even use recycled packaging to present it in.

I know a lady who makes traditional irish christmas puddings as gifts to some lucky friends and relatives. I have not tried it, but this recipe looks very authentic.


One comment

  1. It has been years since I had candied orange peel, I should pull out my grandmother’s old recipe box and make a few of her favorites one afternoon. Without a stove I can go to my son’s house and use theirs, the kids would love a day of baking with grandma.

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