A Crafty Alternative to Christmas Wrapping Paper…

Material Swatches from Frau Tulpe
Hello again, I mentioned a few posts ago that I would share with you my idea for a paper-free christmas wrapping idea, which is reusable mini-christmas stocking bags! Sorry if this is still a little early to talk about Christmas for some readers, but I personally have 5 shopping days left (I can only shop on Saturdays) until I fly home again!

I bought these little swatches of cute fabric from Frau Tulpe which did set me back a whopping €12 for 8 swatches, but I thought by sewing the other side with something more neutral I could make at least 8 bags. That means if I use fabric I already have, they cost €1.50 per bag. I think that’s probably still less than a paper gift bag?

I know it’s probably been done a million times before, and it definitely does NOT fall into the frugal category when you spend so much on fabric, but I thought they could double up as decorations for our flat until we leave to go home at christmas;) And also the person will receive an extra little decoration they can reuse or themselves afterwards. See? Everybody wins :)

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  1. I will start by making a pattern on two pieces of paper, one for the front piece (fancy material), and one for the back piece (plain material).
  2. Then remembering to leave about a centimetre for seam allowance, cut out the pattern.
  3. Go around the edges on the sewing machine, with the material turned inside-out and not sewing up the top part of the stocking.
  4. “Turn up” the top part and run around on the sewing machine so’s to give a nice finish to the top. When giving them as a present I will simply tie with some red string or twine and a home-made gift tag, or maybe use off-cuts to make little monograms?? :) That was fun!


  1. These are great – I don’t sew but definitely think this falls in the frugal category as can be used year after year! And others who receive them will hopefully do the same.

  2. I would say this is frugal, when you add up the costs you save over the years these are used it will reflect nicely in your pocketbook. Last year I made various sized bags for gifts. At first people thought I was nuts, I mean what’s wrong with a little paper? But when they saw them everyone remarked at how much lovelier it looked than paper. I simply packed them away with my ornaments and will pull them out again this year. I’m sure your recipients will love these as much as mine do.

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