image Green jeans live to be worn another day!

Green jeans live to be worn another day!

Hello again! My well-loved green jeans were paint-splattered from the knees down (acrylic paint plus wall emulsion). Why did I ever take these jeans as my painting jeans in the first place??

So, I wasn’t wearing them… until I had the brainwave… why not cut them and hem them on the sewing machine and I can have something different to wear? I actually have these jeans since 2008, hehe! Oh, and the poloneck too! Anyone any good ideas what to do with offcuts of jeans?? ;)



  1. Denim is so versatile, you could use them for cleaning, to cover a pot, make pot holders the list would be never ending. Of course I have small grand children, so I would let them color and stitch all over it and probably turn it into little blankets for their dolls, or allow my grandson to design a roadway for his cars from it.

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