A new attempt at budgeting

Hello again to everyone… I hope everyone’s been well? We went out for a posh meal last night to celebrate our anniversary, but it turned out that my boyfriend wasn’t so well afterwards and had a rather miserable night :( In more positive news, I’ve had a new lease of energy around budgeting! It’s something I struggle with for sure.

I found a free budgeting tool for my android phone and is called EEBA. I seem to be completely incapable of tracking my day to day spending, and so this works on my phone which I take everywhere so there is really no excuse for not jotting it down :)

Before this, I have been keeping my receipts EVERYWHERE! In my wallet, on a workspace in the kitchen, in drawers, in shoeboxes… the list goes on. I had the good intention of totting them up and writing up the balance to see what I was spending but basically I avoid looking at them. I need something easy to stick to. I’ve been using it a few days already and so far so good. I would recommend giving it a try! So lets see how I can improve with my budgeting.


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