2012 All totted up

Hello again everyone! I thought it might be interesting to share the year’s cash spending according to my receipts shoe box. All year I have been putting my receipts into it with the good intention of totting the figures up at the end of the month and thus being able to track my expenditure and see where I am spending money to know where I can improve.

Well, as you can imagine, I ignored the shoebox for the most part of the year, so I will be trying a different method next year. In all honestly, it’s too much litter around the house (my boyfriend habitually leaves receipts on the bedside lockers and around the kitchen) and it is time consuming to sort it all out.

I am actually using this EEBA app on a daily basis because I always have it to hand on my phone. It has the bonus of being paper-free.

The main thing I noticed when sorting through is, that we by far most frequently shop at  a supermarket called Edeka. This not only the closest supermarket to our flat, but is the most expensive supermarket of its kind near to us. I thought we shopped more often at Aldi or Penny, but this is just not the case. Bit of learning there!

And the rest of the figures:

Receipts Totals 2012


So as you can see in July, August and October there were some big purchases. July featured 2012’s biggest waste of money: three tickets into Legoland Billund @ approx. €120 (not including exchange fee). In August we bought some badly needed footwear and in October I bought both Halloween and Christmas flights.

Lessons Learned 2012

  • Make a weekly effort to avoid shopping at the more expensive supermarkets
  • Bring more food from home on Danish camping holidays
  • Speak up in the summer about time off at halloween

How do you keep an overview of your budget? Do you use an envelope system? Is there a brilliant website that I’ve missed? Budgeting is really my weakest link right now, so I’d be grateful for any pointers you might like to share.



  1. I don’t save my receipts, and if possible don’t take one. This year I started to pay for everything with cash when I can. I leave the money for my two bills in the bank and keep the rest in cash in the house. Then I have a spot I keep a zippered bag, like a bank bag and have envelopes inside it for certain things. One for food, savings, spending money, etc. It seems to work fine for me because I’d rather have the cash than things.

  2. i’ve tried the envelopes before and have just not been disciplined enough. That’s my problem though I guess with budgeting!! LOL!!

  3. haha, fair point ;) i kept taking money out of one envelope to spend it on the other. Although it was a lot of work to keep and sort through the receipts, I think I learned a couple of lessons from it. Next year I will try something new.

  4. Websites like lovemoney.com can (with your permission) upload your spending details from direct from your bank and show you a monthly break down of your spending (assuming you use cards more than cash).

  5. that seems like an interesting website, but I try to keep the day to day things in cash. I only really use the card now for larger “new” purchases, such as footwear etc. I have even stopped using my credit and debit cards to buy flights, preferring to do a bank giro. The EEBA app I mentioned seems quite good, you just need a little discipline to log your cash spending and when logged into their website, you can even see charts of what areas you are spending the most in.

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