Trend: DIY cosmetics

On Monday at work we always have a presentation first thing in the morning that along with talking about any “housekeeping” shows inspiration and sometimes trends to everyone. Today, not really to my surprise the topic of the growth of DIY cosmetics was raised.

They showed us this french product which the lady in this youtube video opens up to show how it works. Here she’s making a shower gel. It seems to be marketed more at people who like to live an organic lifestyle and who don’t like chemical additives.

I think it’s very interesting that enough people are obviously choosing to make their own cosmetics despite the availability of cheap products. I also couldn’t help thinking though, that this is a little bit like my friend who purchased an expensive piggy bank in order to save money! Do we really need to buy something to do this?




  1. It was some water, almond oil, Marseille soap and 3 teaspoons of some paraben-free emulsifier and some kind of gelling agent with ylang ylang essential oil and then at the end some almond oil. Plus the machine.

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