Pickled Beetroot

homemade pickled beetroot

Inspired by this recent post on the Down To Earth blog, I decided to try my hand at pickling some beetroot. They were on offer for 99c a kilo, and considering that four of them cooked and vacuum packed usually costs two euro I thought it would be worth a try. I bought four small ones in case they didn’t turn out very well. My boyfriend doesn’t seem to eat beetroot when I buy it, but I always try not to buy the same kinds of vegetables wherever possible. Perhaps he will give these a go.

The gist of the instructions was:

  1. Disinfect the jars by boiling them
  2. Boil the beetroots intact in their skins (just cleaned up if they’re dirty). This takes around half an hour give or take depending on how many beets you have and how big they are.
  3. Slice them (watch your clothes!) and put into jars with some sugar and fill with table vinegar (not cleaning vinegar). You can also add other herbs or pickling spices e.g. mustard seeds.
  4. Leave for 3 weeks or so and then they’re good to eat!

My only other attempt at pickles was from a video I found on youtube: quick asian style pickles with carrot and cucumber which I made a few years ago. They were very easy to make and tasted very good, but at that time I lived alone and made too many and couldn’t manage to eat them all myself before they went bad.

Rhonda’s instructions are very clear and although I couldn’t get the skins off it as easily as she mentioned, they were easy to peel off without too much mess. So I have a lovely jar of pickled beetroot that should be ready for eating in about three weeks when I come back after Christmas :) Yum!
pickled gherkin juice
I also had an idea that I could reuse some of the nice pickling vinegar from these pickled gherkins when they are used up if the beetroots are a success. Perhaps I will pickle gherkins the next time, as they always seem to be readily available – particularly at the turkish grocers.  You will perhaps notice that I recycled the jar from the rhubarb and ginger jam ;) I’m just thinking that these would also make a lovely gift for someone any time of the year.

Have you pickled anything that was nice and easy with good results?


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