Christmas Preparations: Cleaning out the Fridge

Frozen Vegetable Baggies, saving money on groceries, freezer rotation, OAMCSince I’m never in my flat at Christmas, I have to plan to use up the food in my fridge before I go home for Christmas. So today I chopped up some vegetables that would otherwise go off and put them into freezer bags. Here I have two leeks and a red pepper in baggies. I got the idea in the frozen food isle looking at frozen leeks while thinking: that’s just cut fresh leeks that have been frozen – I could do that!

The German ministry for nutrition, farming and consumer protection has just launched this new website (in german) called “too good for the bin”  in which they state that in Germany every 8th food item purchased is binned costing households an average €230 a year approx. I think that figure is a lot lower in our house ;)

I thought this perpetual freezer vegetable bowl was a great idea too for using up bits and bobs of leftover veggies in soup.



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