Jam Made from Frozen Berries and Jelly Powder

I have run out of jam so I went to the supermarket and bought a small pack of unsugared frozen berries as there was no fresh fruit on sale.


  • Small pack frozen Berries for the base-flavour – €1.19
  • 1 and a half limes (microwaved for a few seconds to get more juice) will add citric acid – free
  • handful of leftover grapes, deseeded and halved
  • slightly wizened apple, (grated to bulk out the mix and give a bit more pectin) – free
  • leftover raspberry flavoured instant jelly (jell-o) powder to give it a bit more ” set”- free
  • brown sugar (already had) – free
  • knob of butter (already had) to stop the jam mix foaming – free

First I left them to thaw out  in the morning and then mixed the sugar : fruit in a 1:2 ratio with 2 level teaspoons of  the instant jelly and left to simmer for an hour.

I yielded two and a half small jars, so for 60c a jar – it’s cheaper to make your own jam even if you can’t get the nice fresh fruit cheap enough. I will add a reply about how it set tomorrow morning.


*** Update ***

The set was actually very good! The flavour is fine. As an experiment, it is certainly very edible and cheap to make!



  1. Hi P.

    Hope you are ok. You are obviously busy getting ready for Christmas! Love those home made decorations. They are amazing!

    How are you getting on with the sealed pot challenge.

    Do pop over and let us know how it’s going -on SEALED POT SUNDAY!

    Sft x

  2. Hello there! Sorry i’ve been so quiet, I’m at my parents house over the festive season. I hope you and mr SFT are having a happy and peaceful christmas? My sealed pot hasn’t been frequented of late with all my visiting, so i intend to return to it with a vengeance in the new year!

  3. hello SFT, yes I really was very busy – sorry I appeared to fall off the face of the planet! I’m back at home in Hamburg now and am more focused! I’m going to try to put a €2 coin into my sealed pot every week :)

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