Pampering Routine

Hello everyone, I hope you had a nice Sunday?

I had to work a little today in the morning and will have to in about half an hour again, (I’ve been having such an exhausting but interesting week at work learning new things). On a Sunday I like to take the time to pamper myself a little bit before starting a new working week. Since this really costs me very little money, so I thought I would share how I try to be kind to myself and pamper myself on a Sunday evening.

  • I boil the kettle and put a hot water bottle in my bed first.
  • Then I bring my favourite candle (unlit) in onto my bedside locker with some matches. I don’t light it until I’m drying my hair in the same room.
  • I like to put some of my shea butter concoction in my hair and then wash my hair afterwards. I have big, curly hair and so I wash it once, max. twice a week and it takes some time to do it.
  • While I let my hair dry naturally, I pluck my eyebrows.
  • I soak my feet and use a pumice stone on them, then I use either vaseline or some shea butter to moisturise my feet and put on cotton socks and wear them to bed.

Most evenings I like to do a little bit of yoga (max. 15mins) with my boyfriend. Doing it together keeps us motivated! Most work-mornings I start the day by filling my thermo-jug full of hot water and selecting a herbal tea and a mug to take with me to my desk. Somehow these little things always feel a little bit special :)

How do you like to pamper yourself? Do you have a little weird routine like me?





  1. I’m not sure I really pamper myself, but relaxation is the key for me, I get a pot of herbal tea, a good book and curl up in bed, this time of year with heavy blankets which are so warm, and enjoy the absolute quiet until I am ready to sleep. By morning I feel refresh. I do take the time a couple times a week to smooth coconut oil on my hands, face and feet a couple of times a week to keep dry skin at bay. As for eyebrows, I really need to come up with a schedule for that as I frequently forget until I catch sight of myself and groan.

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